the dissipated body, a sculpture by Páll Haukur

On November 10, 2015, as part of the Women's Center for Creative Work's Parlor at the Armory Residency at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, Páll Haukur installed an elaborate interactive set for a performance and invited 12 people to participate, one at a time.

After being escorted through a classroom full of children by Studio Cooking, participants walked up a staircase and stuck their head through an opening at the top. The participant could see: a shallow and reflective pool of honey, a video of a woman feeding many birds in a public square, a wooden sign lit from behind that read PROPERTY, the head of the artist sticking up through a hole in the honey pool, some houseplants and books, a ladder, and a projection of themselves from behind. Another performer entered the space and painted over the projection of the viewer's body, then began taping a handmade ceramic spoon to the end of a long stick. She filled the spoon with honey and slowly reached it across the pool towards the viewer's mouth. After the honey was consumed, the spoon dragged through the honey and the performer left the scene. The viewer could stay as long as they wanted. During the performance, Haukur would stare at the viewer, look at the video, or close his eyes. On the way out, the viewer was greeted by Studio Cooking and given their spoon to take with them.

Performed by Caitlin Adams and Páll Haukur. Photography by Arden Surdam.