a jeepneys video shoot // some times a set

On August 20, 2015 some times bar became an open video set temporarily inhabited by the jeepneys mythological universe within Museum as Retail Space. The gallery became a space to socialize, to collaborate, and to incubate ideas for a forthcoming Jeepneys opera.

Several brightly-patterned, spandex-skinned performers casually shifted roles: dancing, directing, emoting, merging through gesture, camera operating, communicating with pattern, role-playing, exploring the set, and of course, bartending. Participants chose their level of participation, entering the set, playing, and ordering drinks if they so desired. Together some times, jeepneys, and their guests decolonized hospitality by shifting the context and structure of service and labor.

Featuring: Caitlin Adams, AA Barie, Ciriza, Meghan Gordon, Kat Hernandez, Kelsey Lanceta, and Anna Luisa Petrisko