some times presents occult acting group recruitment casting

On Sunday April 19, 2015, some times hosted a casting call event for the the occult acting group (OAG) in a warehouse in downtown LA. Founded by Kristof Trakal, OAG is a research group and free experimental acting school that believes that acting is a space between art, humanist science, therapy, and spiritual work.

Participants were greeted by a Secretary in a waiting room and given a six-page form to fill out. The form combined personal questions regarding acting experience and spirituality with a video waiver and release. Actors were then escorted into the casting room, where OAG Casting Directors were stationed within clear plastic cubicles. Actors were given scripts to read while the Casting Director made them Manhattans. The script depicted two strangers meeting in a bar, ordering Manhattans - one is a recent MFA student and the other is a cult member looking for recruits. Each Casting Director was given agency to respond to the Actors however they chose, while filming the casting. When the Casting Director was satisfied, they rang a service bell and the Secretary returned to escort the Actors back to the waiting room.

Featuring: Ciriza, Joey Cannizzaro, Meghan Gordon, Anna Luisa Petrisko, Vanessa Sioufi, Kristof Trakal, and Walter Vargas