locksmith, Inn presents Dr. Jamie Hilder: The Economist's Aesthetic or How I Got Arrested That Time

On April 23, 2013 Dr. Jamie Hilder discussed the Economist's Aesthetic, which he tentatively defined as a contemporary mode of encountering the world that privileges the quantifiable over the qualitative, and which permeates our relationships to each other and our cultures. His research has taken form as performance, writing, installation, and anecdotes. The talk was given on the California Institute of the Arts President's Terrace, which can only be accessed through the President's Conference Room. To get to the talk on the balcony, the audience had to walk through an installation in the conference room. In lieu of a slide projector, Hilder used the one-way mirror-glass of the President's office to annotate his talk.

Jamie Hilder is a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies Department at UCLA. He holds a PhD in English from the University of British Columbia, for a dissertation on the International Concrete Poetry Movement's relationship to an emergent global imaginary in the middle of the 20th century. Alongside his academic work, he has exhibited work and published critical writing in North America and Europe.