Open House at FOREVERHOUSE hosted by some times

Patrick Michael Ballard's RETURN TO FOREVERHOUSE, an immersive environment and performance space at Machine Project, imagined a human audience working together to escape from (and save) a psychically altered television set known as FOREVERHOUSE, inhabited (or haunted) by a fantastical cast and crew.

On December 19, 2015, the FOREVERHOUSE property was finally "put on the market." Participants entered the set built by Ballard (an antechamber, a hallway, and a room with many portals in it), were greeted by a friendly Real Estate Agent, and were asked to sign in. Cookies, lemonade, and water were offered and participants were free to explore the room and its contents, make inquiries to the Agent, or just hang out. Various neighbors in the form of puppets, masks, and performers in costume, interrupted the Open House frequently, prodding the participants and answering questions about the property from the Agent.

Photo credit: Chris Adler

Video credit: Sterling Wells