Using painting, sculpture, video, installation, administration, writing, and performance, I research and experiment with collaboration, intimacy, labor, and exchange. I create unusual exhibition contexts in order to foster short, but intensive working relationships with artists resulting in fully realized projects with complicated authorship. I am interested in supporting other artists as a medium of expression. My project some times is my primary platform for this type of work.

some times is a performative project space that takes the shape of a bar. It is construction of identity through each project it presents and it does not have a permanent space. some times detaches the symbolic power attached to owning physical space from making and exhibiting projects. Riffing on the social aspects of art communities, some times is a bar – the fun part of an opening and a space of an exchange between the gallery and the audience. The transitory nature of some times and my various labors during the project meant that the structure, mechanism, project needed to be redefined each time. There was no unifying space, time, or brand to tie all the some times projects together, no formula to make a show. Each aspect was re-negotiated each time; this becomes the responsibility of each collaborator.

When working with someone I perform as collaborator, studio assistant, editor, gallerist, publicist, facilitator, director, therapist, performer, and usually during the opening reception, bartender. Aside from the labor connected to making an art object, I was interested in performing all the labors of art work. I seek out other artists interested in making work about labor, relationships, human behavior, education, the documentation of time, performance, and notions of practice. I also look for people who are comfortable engaging in an intimate working relationship, who are interested in the malleable nature of my bar/practice, and the slippage between their project and mine. During the working period, my collaborator and I check in with each other (live together if they live outside of LA), eat together, read and discuss, talk through our plans, share concerns—each collaboration is a temporary autonomous partnership, an experiment in working together with an end date. During each collaboration a space of exchange is created within which ideas that usually remain internal during the working process become verbally articulated and processed.

some times, alongside my other collaborative projects, with the collective neverhitsend and in Studio Cooking with Arden Surdam, create variable contexts for similar interests. Working within the medium of collaboration, essentially the medium of relationships, articulates the political nature of relationships and association, while performance and exhibition-making create a multivalent space to allow the hidden labors of making artwork to be publicly on display.